2024 CME

Fill out the Evaluation for Each Day That You Participated

Fill out the form for each individual day that you attended. If you attended Friday and Saturday, fill out forms for each day.

For Friday, it is not possible to claim CME for both Friday’s APP course and general session; please pick one or the other.

How You Will Receive Your CME Certificate

It may take several weeks to receive your form via e-mail. The CME is provided by the Texas Orthopaedic Association, which is accredited by the Texas Medical Association to offer CME.

Questions: Bobby@txneurosurgeons.org

Analyze their current practice patterns and assimilate changes as needed in accordance with the latest clinical guidelines.

Discuss indications, rationale and approaches to performing various neurosurgical procedures presented during case discussions

Apply and/or perform new surgical techniques and procedures as a result of participation in hands on courses

Interpret and understand how results of clinical and basic science research is impacting the management of neurosurgical disease through abstract presentations

Demonstrate change in competence through assimilation and implementation of best practices and evidence-based medicine

Friday’s APP Course

Friday General Session CME

Saturday’s General Session CME

Sunday’s General Session CME

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