2024 TANS Disclosures

Texas Association of Neurological Surgeons

Rishi Lall – No Disclosures

Peter Kan – Stryker Neurovascular – Consultant

Toral Patel – GT Medical Technologies – Paid Speaker | Kiyatec – Advisor | Elekta – Paid Speaker | Bayer – Advisor

Texas Orthopaedic Association

Henry Ellis – Arthex: Other financial or material support | Orthopaediatric: Paid presenter or speaker |
Smith & Nephew: Unpaid consultant

Christian Balldin – Stryker: Consultant or Paid Speaker

Vinod Panchbhavi – Stryker: Consultant or Paid Speaker

Salah Aoun – Medtronic – Research Funding

Edward Chang – Echo Neurotechnologies – Employee | Synchron – Consultant

Wes Jones – Ulrich Medical – Consultant

Linda Liau – ClearPoint Neuro – Board of Directors | Northwest Biotherapeutics – Consultant

Sujit Prabhu – Abbott Laboratories – Consultant | Sensoria Therapeutics – Consultant

Alexander Ropper – Globus Medical – Consultant | Stryker – Consultant | Medtronic – Consultant | Mizuho OSI – Consultant

Pablo Valdes – Consultant, NX Dev Corp

Nader Pouratian – Abbott Laboratories – Consultant | Sensoria Therapeutics – Consultant

Elad Levy – Shareholder/Ownership Interest: NeXtGen Biologics, RAPID Medical, Claret Medical, Cognition Medical, Imperative Care (formerly the Stroke Project), Rebound Therapeutics, StimMed, Three Rivers Medical

Consultant: Clarion, GLG Consulting, Guidepoint Global, Imperative Care (formerly the Stroke Project), Medtronic (formerly Covidien Neurovascular), StimMed, Misionix, Mosiac

Advisory Board: Stryker (AIS Clinical Advisory Board), NeXtGen Biologics, MEDX, Cognition Medical, Endostream Medical, IRRAS AB (Consultant/Advisory Board)

Patent: Ultrasonic Surgical Blade

National PI: Medtronic (Merged with Covidien Neurovascular)–Steering Committees for SWIFT Prime,
and SWIFT Direct Trials- Site PI: Stratis Study Sub 1, MicroVention-Site PI: CONFIDENCE Study

Honorarium for Training & Lectures: Medtronic (formerly Covidien Neurovascular), Penumbra, Microvention, Integra

Chief Medical Officer: Haniva Technology

Site PI Study: Microvention (CONFIDENCE Study), Medtronic (STRATIS Study – Sub I)

Leadership or fiduciary role: In other board, society, committee, or advocacy group-paid or unpaid- CNS, ABNS, UBNS

Medical Legal Review: Renders medical/legal opinions as an expert witness

Bobby Hillert

Stacie Monroe

Ramsey Ashour

Gavin Britz

Tiffany Chang

Preston D’Souza

John R. Floyd, MD

Yevgeniy Freyvert, MD

P. Langham Gleason, MD

Ziya L. Gokaslan, MD

W. Chase Johnson, MD

Patrick J. Karas, MD

Michael A. Leonard, MD

Kristopher A. Lyon, MD

Justin R. Mascitelli, MD

Michael J. McGinity, MD

JP McGinnis, MD

Akash J. Patel, MD

Sujit S. Prabhu, MD

Nathan L. Pratt, MD

Sibi Rajendran, MD

Laura K. Reed, MD

Paul J. Schmitt, MD

John K. Stokes, MD

Matthew Z. Sun, MD

Josephine Tenii, PharmD

Jeffrey I. Traylor, MD

Duncan J. Trimble, MD

Alex B. Valadka, MD

John R. Williams, MD

Matthew S. Willsey, MD

Anna Brown

Nicole Gutierrez

Michael Levy

Laura Winslett

Lisa Wilkins

Christie Caldwell

Vanessa Bounds, NP

Kacie Johnson, NP

Victoria Herrera, NP

Nicole Pasao-Pham, NP