Consent Agenda

The chair, in consultation with the board of directors, may place items on a consent agenda. This requires that all reports be submitted in writing 10 days prior to the official board meeting.

By using a consent agenda, the board agrees to the consideration of these items as a group under one motion.

Consent items are those that usually do not require discussion or explanation prior to board action, are non-controversial and/or similar in content or are those items that have already been discussed and/or explained and do not require further discussion or explanation. Such agenda items might include ministerial tasks such as, but not limited to, the approval of the agenda, approval of previous minutes, approval of bills, approval of reports, etc.

An individual director may remove items from the consent agenda by making a request of the chair. A request is timely if made prior to the vote on the consent agenda. The request does not require a second or a vote by the board. An item removed from the consent agenda will then be discussed and acted on separately immediately following the consideration of the consent agenda.