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The healthcare environment is an ever-changing dynamic arena. We at the PHA believe that we must adapt and change  in order for physicians to stay ahead and to remain respected voices driving the conversation. That is why we are a destination for physician leaders who believe in consumer driven healthcare. We provide the quintessential forum  for creative healthcare leaders to create and change the course of public health care policy.

Our new management team, new membership expansion mission and our new brand all reflect how the PHA is prepared for now and the future of consumer driven transparent practice of medicine. We need each other.  Let’s grow together.rsus non semper faucibus ultrices facilisis vulputate sit tempus ullamcorper tortor, cursus velit iaculis sed scelerisque massa, egestas rhoncus ullamcorper aliquet fames feugiat.

– Fred Liss, MD | PHA President