Mission & Vision


PHA Mission

Physician-Led Healthcare for America (PHA) promotes, educates, and advocates for exceptional patient centered care through physician leadership.

PHA Core Values

Our values define who we are and inform strategies to achieve our goals…

  • Innovative healthcare models help solve problems.
  • Collaboration among health care professionals.
  • The right way to deliver health care.
  • Optimum clinical quality, with efficiency.
  • Patients come first.
  • Integrity matters.

PHA Goals

  • PHA will support its members in their efforts to advance the quality and availability of healthcare in their specific communities.
  • PHA will provide Members Services in a positive format to support continuing education, networking, communication and collaboration on current trends and ideas.
  • PHA will advocate for the interest of physician owned hospitals on the federal level and support state and local level advocacy, while encouraging members to become or remain politically engaged. PHA will seek to enhance healthcare standards of patient care through industry benchmarking and quality improvement initiatives.
  • PHA will promote collaboration within individual healthcare communities and will at all times support efforts that encourage all levels of the healthcare system to perform at exemplary levels.