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Office-Based Surgery: A Piece of the Physician-Led Healthcare Delivery Model

Ophthalmic surgery has experienced a great revolution. What was once a surgery performed in a hospital that required a cumbersome recovery shifted to the ambulatory surgery center (ASC) setting, which allows a patient can go home the same day. The evolution is continuing with over 40,000 ophthalmic surgeries successfully performed in office-based surgery suites (OBS), and the quality results are parallel to those found in ASCs and hospitals. One hundred percent of of the 40,000 ophthalmic surgeries are physician led and performed in physician-owned OBS suites. 

In many states, certificate of need (CON) laws block physicians from opening their own hospitals or ASCs to deliver physician-led care. OBS suites offer physicians an opportunity to deliver physician-led care that is not subjective to the restrictive CON laws that corporate interests use to block physicians from owning hospitals and ASCs in various states.

Office-Based Surgery Suites

The latest in the evolution of delivering high-quality and efficient surgical care to Americans.

Thousands of safe and high quality surgeries are performed in the office-based surgery suite today.

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The voice for physician-led healthcare

As thousands of ophthalmic surgeries migrate to the office-based setting, policymakers are considering new policies.

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