PHA Announces New Name, Brand and Management

Washington, DC (February 1, 2022) – Physician Hospitals of America’s Board of Directors unveiled a new name, brand and management team for the organization. The organization will now be named Physician-Led Healthcare for America, which reflects the organization’s new mission to represent all physician-led ventures, including physician-owned facilities and physician-led practices. The organization will continue to use the same acronym, PHA.

“Our goal is to return to being an organization where we all interact with each other and add measurable value to each member and collectively for our physician-led industry,” Frederic Liss, MD – the chair of PHA’s Board of Directors – said about the organization’s new brand. “We will change our name, our message, our image, and expand the breadth of our membership, in order that we stay ahead and at the lead of the changes of our constantly evolving system of healthcare in the U.S.”

The PHA Board of Directors also announced a new executive director and team to manage PHA. Stacie Monroe will serve as the Executive Director. Bobby Hillert will serve as the Director of Operations.

Amber Walsh McGraw will continue to serve as PHA’s legal counsel. Denise Henry Morrisey will continue to serve as PHA’s lobbyist on Capitol Hill.

“Our dynamic new management group at PHA will be led by Stacie Monroe, Executive Director, and Bobby Hillert, Director of Operations.  Stacie and Bobby bring contagious energy, experience and passion to all aspects of who we are and what we do, and we are thrilled to be collaborating with them and the AMP team,” Dr. Liss said.

About Physician-Led Healthcare for America
Founded in 2001, Physician-Led Healthcare for America serves as the stakeholder voice for physician-owned hospitals and other physician-led entities that focus on the patient-physician relationship.

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