Sponsorship Overview – 2024


TANS is not responsible for shipping. Exhibitors will work with the hotel directly on shipping.

Click here to download the form and carefully read all of the details:

Which sponsors are invited to Thursday night’s Black Tie Dinner?

Title and Circle of Champion sponsors are invited to Thursday night’s Black Tie Dinner, which consists of TANS past presidents, board members and some conference attendees.

Each Title and Circle of Champion sponsor will be provided two complimentary tickets.

Which sponsors are invited to the Friday and Saturday networking events?

All three levels – Title, Circle of Champion and TANS Partners – are invited to the networking events on Friday and Saturday: all meals, the Friday afternoon wine tasting reception and Friday night’s dinner at the U.S.S. Lexington.

Any attendees beyond two attendees will be required to register for the USS Lexington dinner.

What do the exhibits consist of?

Each sponsor, no matter the level, will be provided one standard table (8′ x 30″) and two chairs with a gold nugget colored drape. Due to limited space, your backdrop must fit within the space of your table (a backdrop cannot be longer than eight feet).

If you would like to use your own table cloth, please note that this is an eight-foot table, which is larger than the six-foot table that most hotels provide.

What about attendee lists?

Due to continuing medical education (CME) rules, TANS may only share the list of attendees who chose to opt in to have their name shared.

It is TANS’s policy to never share e-mail addresses.

What are the set up and take down details?

Set up will begin at 4 p.m. on Thursday, February 1. At 4 p.m., your name badges, a letter and the program syllabus will all be found on your table. You are welcome to set up throughout the evening (and even before the conference begins on Friday, February 2).

Take down will begin at the conclusion of Saturday afternoon’s wine tasting reception in the exhibit hall. (However, you are welcome to take down whenever you wish.) TANS will not have access to the exhibit hall on Sunday morning; the hotel takes that space back by 9 p.m. on Saturday night (February 3).

Like all hotels, the hotel staff will likely leave the doors unlocked since hotel staff will be working throughout the evening. Please ensure that any valuables are removed.

Click here to order power through the hotel. The hotel will bill you for the service. (If your booth has not yet been assigned, TANS will work with the hotel on getting power to the correct location.)

Assignments can be found in the graphic below. Also, click here to view the PDF: